Monday, December 22, 2014

Deadly Honeymoon the true story behind Lifetime Movie

Deadly Honeymoon the true story behind Lifetime Movie
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

The real story happened on July 5, 2005 while Jennifer Hagel and George Allen Smith, newly married, spent their honeymoon aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ship traveling between Turkey and Greece. Jennifer and her husband George been partying and drinking absinthe with a few other Russian passengers according to witnesses. After a long night of partying George Smith was escorted to his room, and Jennifer was passed out drunk in another part of the ship. When staff found her the next morning they escorted her to her room where she found no trace of her husband George. George Smith had disappeared into thin air. He was never found. No one ever knew what happened to him, and no one was ever charged in the case. Jennifer Hagel received a settlement of one million dollars from the Royal Caribbean cruise line. George Smith's family believes that their son was murdered and is appealing the case. Jennifer Hagel became engaged to Jeff Agne in 2009.

Here is a very detailed overview of the entire case. This was entered into Wikipedia, but it was deleted, and luckily a blogger named Red from the blog Honeymoon Cruise Mystery,copied the entry or it would have been lost forever. It has some very valuable information. And it is strange to me that it would have been deleted.

Update: On May 28, 2012: The FBI obtained incriminating evidence of a video of four Russian men who were bragging about tossing George Smith overboard. It appears to be a home made video of some sort. The Russian guys are going on and on, laughing, and mocking George Smith. The police are still investigating.

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  1. So, was he born in February of 1979, or October of 1978? No wonder the article was deleted. Hooey.

  2. It is SO FREAKIN OBVIOUS to the world that the bitch clearly had intentions of COLLECTING MONEY from the ignorant cruise line. This is an easy way for BOTH the chick to make out with 3 million dollars and the cruise line to get FREE PUBLICITY. The ENTIRE ORDEAL was PREMEDITATED by the young woman who QUIT HER JOB PRIOR to the cruise WITH FULL INTENTION of getting paid her THREE MILLION DOLLARS! The marriage was JUST A JOKE! She had her plan ALREADY WRITTEN OUT in a dayplanner. She EVEN RESEARCHED prior stories of "People missing at sea" and she had this info on her computer which is HOW SHE GOT THE IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE! She always puts the blame on some innocent "foreigner" who had NO MOTIVE! The justice system is in SERIOUS TROUBLE if they "REWARD the criminal" as they did in this case. The parents of the young man should prosecute the bitch. They knew full well that she did not honestly care for their son to begin with. What a tragedy.

  3. so royal caribbean cruise line just estimates 1 million dollars as cost of George Allen smiths life

    its really strange that one mllion dollars are enough to forget a loss of someone

  4. I could see the wife being involved, but how would she throw him overboard. Their differences in size seem to make that impossible. Of course, if there was an accomplice...

    1. Drunk....anyone can easily push a drunk over.

  5. I believe jennifer hagel smith know alot about the murder, of her former husband George Smith. She had several interviews and she show no emotions of the death of her husband.

    They shouldnt separated after being in the casino or disco.

    I also believe the 4 Russian-American that are from Brooklyn has to do with the death of George Smith. They were the only last 4 people that saw him and walked him to his State-Room. The neighbor next door from George State-Room, should have called the security to see what was going on.

    They were dating 3 years before he was murdered. Couples argue all the time. It does not matter where. Going on a cruise together with your love one or even with friends. Some one has
    To be attentive because you never know what could happen.

    Maybe the 4 Russian-American spike his drink when they walked him to his room?
    Did Jennifer Hagel upset George Smith death?
    Did Jennifer Hagel murder her husband George Smith?
    Did jennifer murder her husband for life insurance or for a prenupe?

    Yes, anyone can get drunk and throw theyself over board.

    Did he kill himself because he didnt want to get married.

    But this is a very sad tragety for the Smith family

    George Smith will never be forgotten.

  6. Did the turkish authorities release the video tape for evidence, for the death of George Smith?

  7. im sitting here watching the movie. i remember this she was on oprah

  8. If she really killed him then how come the authorities found a video that the foreign people made stating that they had throw her husband over bored I am not saying that she isn't suspicious